Starter Kit

4 per 7 day(s) (0%)


  • Starter Base

2 Refining Forge
1 Simple Bed
1 Smithy
1 Large Storage Box
4 Adobe Foundations
4 Adobe Ceilings
8 Adobe Walls
1 Adobe Door
1 Mortar and Pestle
4 Plant Species X Seeds
4 Large Crop Plots
4 Fertilizer
1 Metal intake pipe
1 Metal Water Reservoir
1 Ptera with Saddle
1 Desert Clothing Set
1 Whip
1 Water Well

You can claim this kit for 3 times every 7 days!

How to set up your account.

1. Request connect code in-game
Type !getconnectcode in-game
As a security measure you need to type !getconnectcode twice.

2. Go to Settings page on Community website
Navigate to the Community website and enter the code in the Connect accounts sections. This can be found on the top right (settings)

KNOWN ISSUES - Make a Discord ticket if you encounter this.
ARK:SA Does not work when player (Steam, Epic etc) or character name includes special characters, like éøö$ and other non-utf8 characters.

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